• José Stênio Burgos de Macedo was born in Crateús, Ceará, on April 11th


  • Graduated in Architecture at Universidade Federal do Ceará.

1984 / 1987

  • Scholarship at Clube de Roma, Group “Forum Humanum” in Barcelona, with sponsorship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Spain.
  • Art studies at Estudi Chelsea, directed by Emma Grau.
  • Collective exhibition at Sala Sant Jordi, in Barcelona.


  • Observation travels through Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and interior from Ceará.


  • Solo exhibition in Fortaleza (Casa Cor)
  • Projected the space for the exhibition of naïf artist Chico da Silva at Centro  Cultural da Abolição inFortaleza.
  • Collective exhibition at Espaço Cultural do Banco Central do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro – RJ.


  • Soto exhibition “A Caminho de Arananaú” in Fortaleza (Casa Cor)
  • Collective exhibition at Espaço Cultural do Banco Central do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro.


  • Collective exhibition “Humanidades” at Galeria Tina Zappoli, Porto Alegre- RS.
  • Project and execution of the exhibition “Mestres Santeiros – Retábulos do Ceará”, at Museu do Ceará (Fortaleza), celebrating 150 years from Bispado do Ceará.


  • Solo exhibition “Terras e Céus” at Galeria Tina Zappoli, Porto Alegre-RS.
  • Study trip to the Netherlands, where he started to paint a series of urban landscapes ofAmsterdam.


  • Exhibition “Epifanias – Babinski / Burgos” at Museu de Arte da Universidade Federal do Ceará in Fortaleza.
  • First prize at XIII Unifor Plástica – Paintings, in Fortaleza, with the work “Paisagem Urbana”, receiving as prize a study trip to Spain and the Netherlands, where he continued the series of urban landscapes of Amsterdam.
  • Collective exhibition “A Reunião” at Galeria Tina Zappoli, Porto Alegre- RS.
  • Collective exhibition “Destaques 2005” at Centro Cultural Oboé in Fortaleza.


  • Collective exhibition “Copa com Arte” at Galeria Vicente Leite, in Fortaleza.
  • Solo exhibition “Floração – Os Jardins da Nice por Stênio Burgos” at Museu do Ceará in Fortaleza.


  • Collective exhibition “Terra Adentro” at Galeria Tina Zappoli, Porto Alegre – RS
  • Solo exhibition “Stênio Burgos em Quatro Atos” at Galeria Vicente Leite, em Fortaleza – CE
  • Solo exhibition “Schilderijen en Aquarellen” at Galerie The Doors, Alkmaar – Netherlands.
  • “Stênio Burgos em Quatro Atos”, Galeria Vicente Leite, Fortaleza


  • “Burgos e Jardins”, Galeria Ignez Fiúza, Fortaleza


  • Exposição no Centro de Estudos Latino-Americanos CEDLA, Amsterdam “Pinturas – Stênio Burgos”, Museu de Arte da Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza 2013-“Os riscos do bordado”, Museu do Ceará, Fortaleza


  • Solo exhibition “Colorado Rozengracht”, Gallerie Overstroom in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Solo exhibition “Sertão Holandês” at Museo do Ceará in Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Manual de Caligrafia e Pintura, Ponte de Sor, Portugal


  • Manuale di Calligrafia e Pittura, Pontedera, Italy


  • Solo exhibition ‘Realtopia’, Espaço  Cultural Uniform in Fortaleza, Brazil